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We produce at the highest levels of technology, using certified processes

Continuous development and refinement of the technology originally invented by Fritz Schiess-Forrer have since gained the fineblanking process international recognition. What is accomplished today in a single stroke was previously the result of a drawn-out process. Prior to the development of fineblanking, metal workpieces were stamped and processed in numerous individual secondary operations until the desired quality could be reached. The benefits of fineblanking are most evident when stringent quality demands are imposed on the sheared surfaces, typically for example, in the case of gear teeth or cams. The specified precision of such components can be readily achieved by fineblanking. Our standards, however, are not restricted to quality and accuracy; our levels of service are equally high. From the initial product development, including consultancy, and right through to production, we maintain an ongoing dialogue with our customers to ensure that their requirements are not simply met, but optimally fulfilled.

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