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I have a rather special workpiece, but I am not sure whether Fritz Schiess AG can produce it?

Our experienced engineers and tool and die makers will generate an individual solution together with you. There is a solution to every problem. Please contact sales.

Can my gear be fineblanked?
We can fineblank gears and racks with straight teeth up to a thickness of 4 x module in class 7 quality.

Is there an economic solution for producing three-dimensional features?
Shoulders, countersinking and nipples can all be produced by straightforward material displacement. Component volume remains the same.

We need stampings with small diameter holes and narrow webs
Fritz Schiess AG has interesting fineblanking alternatives, e.g. through holes or narrow webs as extreme as only 2/3 of material thickness. Your requirements can be jointly converted to feasible solutions.

Can fineblanked components be bent?
Straightforward bends and dog-legs can be integrated directly into the fineblanking die. This avoids secondary bending operations that could affect pitch accuracy between holes and hole diameter integrity.

How many bends can be fineblanked?
Secondary operations can be used to produce highly sophisticated, ready-to-install parts.

Can you finish parts that are fineblanked for us?
Your components will be finished to drawing tolerances on our state-of-the-art machining facilities. Operations include drilling, milling, turning, grinding, lapping, honing etc.

Can we obtain ready-to-install assemblies from your plant?
We have been producing ready-to-install assemblies for our customers for many years. Subsequent functional inspections can be documented.

Do you have any questions that have not been addressed on this page?
Challenge us with your inquiry.

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